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Car Rental
Car Rental

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Serving Grand Cayman and the Cayman Islands with quality car rentals for over 35 years, Cico Avis car rental offers extremely competitive car rental prices all year.  With over 10 different car rental models and classes, Cico Avis Cayman has a vehicle for every need and budget.

Avis Cayman's magical touch has always been the professional service and quality of their vehicles.  It is no wonder they are the longest serving car rental company in the Caymans.  Often copied but never duplicated, Cico Avis Rent-A-Car remains the "sure thing" when reserving a car rental "sight unseen". With Avis you will find no surprises and no disappointments.  That is  just one of the many reasons that once you rent a car from Avis you will always rent from Avis!

Avis has 6 locations throughout the Cayman Islands in order to provide you with the best possible service and convenience.

If you are arriving by air, the Cico Avis Airport car rental office is conveniently located a short 2 minutes walk from the Airport Arrivals. With a pre-booked car rental, the paperwork can be finalized in minutes, and you will be on your way to a fantastic vacation.

When arriving by Cruise Ship, Cico Avis provides an easily accessible office at the Blue Iguana.  The Blue Iguana is located right across the street from the Cruise Ship Landing.  This brand new location has been established for Cruise Ship passenger convenience when time is of essence!  A 2 minute walk away from the tender will land you right behind the wheel of your rental car.  Cico Avis takes pride in their expeditious service and wants to have you on the road quickly, not standing in a line. 

Enjoy touring the Island on your own time schedule, away from crowded buses and tour groups!  What would be  better than your own private Jeep away from the crowds?.

If you did not rent a car, and realize once on the Island that taxis are not the best "transportation deal", there are Cico Avis car rental offices through out the major Resorts.  Choose form the Hyatt, Westin, Marriott and the Holiday Inn!



Avis Rental Rates Coverage Info Online Reservations

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Hints and Tips
Remember to drive on the left!

The Cayman Islands safety factor makes renting a car a breeze


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Did you know?
Legend tells......

When the first car arrived in Grand Cayman natives where shocked.  When the first headlights they had ever seen in their life (or anyone else's on the Island for that matter) came around the bend on a dark quiet night, they panicked  thinking it was the Devil coming to get them!

Avis Rent-a-Car was established in 1966.  Just a few roads where paved.  East End's Queen's Highway did not exist.  There were no street lights.  Indoor plumbing was a novelty......