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Coverage Info
Coverage  Information

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

If renter declines CDW: The renter will be liable for all loss and damage to the rental vehicle up to the full retail value.

If renter accepts CDW: CDW covers your rental vehicle fully and has a zero deductible.


CDW- Collision Damage Waiver by Car Group


Groups Daily  Weekly
B us$14.99 us$104.93
D us$14.99 us$104.93
E us$15.99 us$111.93
F us$18.99 us$132.93
G us$17.99 us$125.93
H us$18.99 us$132.93
I us$18.99 us$132.93
K us$18.99 us$132.93
J us$21.99 us$153.93
L us$21.99 us$153.93
O us$18.99 us$132.93


Liability Deductible Coverage (LDC)

Cost: US$9.00 per day --- $63usd per week

If renter declines LDC: The renter will be liable for a maximum of US$1900 for third party property and pedestrian damage.

If renter accepts LDC: The renter is fully covered for liability to third party property and pedestrian.


Driving License

Upon presentation of a valid license from country of residence, each driver must purchase a Cayman Islands visitors driving permit at a cost of US$7.50 per person and is valid for the duration of the rental.


Maximum/Minimum Driving Age

Minimum age 21 with Avis honored charge card and travel vouchers supported by a charge card.

Minimum age 25 for cash rentals and travel vouchers requiring additional cash deposit.

Renters under 25 cannot purchase CDW


Honored Charge Cards

American Express, Avis, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Avis & Avis-honored travel vouchers.

Charge card hold:

If CDW is accepted: Estimated rental charges plus 20%.
If CDW is declined: US$1,500.


Additional Drivers

Fee: US$7.50 per driver per rental. Minimum age 21.


Delivery and Collection

Cars cannot be picked up at the airport due to government regulations. Avis Office is within 2 minutes walking distance of arrival area. Free delivery within 7 mile of airport upon request.


Not included in rate. The price per gallon if rental car is returned less than full of fuel will be approximately double that of the retail pump price and it is highly recommended that you refuel your rental car prior to return.


Vehicle Environmental Recovery Fee (VERF)

VERF is a mandatory Government Environmental Impact Fee $4.00 per day


RULE of the ROAD - Drive on the LEFT.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT - Child safety seats are available on request: US$4.50 per day -- $31.50usd per week

GPS Navigations System - $12.95usd per day
TAX - Not applicable.
RATE CURRENCY - All rates are in US Dollars.





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