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Buying A Timeshare
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Why Buy in Grand Cayman

Why Buy From US

We Know the Product and the Island

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Why Buy in Grand Cayman

Beside the obvious tranquility and beauty, there are many reasons to purchase a property in the Cayman Islands.  Most owners purchase timeshare to cut vacation costs and/or for the higher standard of accommodations available to them for their vacation dollar.  Additionally, they can own beach property for affordable prices.  Hotel rooms in Grand Cayman average $250us per night.  It will not take long for a renter to amass over  $20,000us in vacation rental expenses over a ten year period and this does not cover food, fun or shopping...

Most Timeshare owners have purchased a property in Grand Cayman in order to return year after year.  Because of the low supply of Timeshare Resorts and the popularity of the Island, properties institute a four year block after an exchange has been made.  Because of the popularity, exchangers usually have to wait the four years plus whatever time it may take to find an available week (not easy since most owners do not exchange Cayman weeks very often).  In reality the Caymans usually have a 5 to 6 year return policy.  Owning a week or two is the ONLY sure way to return and enjoy our beautiful Island year after year.

Why Buy From Us

Our prices are far below the Developers price!  You can save up to 50% off what the Developer is offering you to became an owner.  The only difference between buying from the Developer or us is the extra money you will save buying from one of our clients. 

Grand Cayman Timeshare World conducts business solely for Timeshare Resorts in Grand Cayman, we know the property you are about to purchase, how they work and what they really offer.  Would you buy a home from someone who has never seen it?  Non the less from an agent who has no knowledge of the area or Country in which it is located?  The many resale companies we have contacted for our own knowledge of the competition all do multi-listings.  They try to list as many properties as humanly possible, neglecting the most important rule of real estate representation, KNOWLEDGE of the property they are presenting to YOU the client.  There are currently 8 Timeshare Resorts on the Island, all with different ownership periods and week uses, from fixed to floating.  Quite a few resale sites, when asked the length of ownership on a particular resort responded "Of course it's deeded, all timeshare resorts are deeded".  Not really, there are no deeded Timeshare Properties in the Cayman Islands.  "They are all on the beach", "We don't know how much the property taxes are in the Grand Caymens", "Where are the Caymens located again???" Where just some of the many crazy responses we received just by asking simple questions.

We don't completely rely on the Resort information/ownership given to us by the seller, being on-island we keep up to date on all aspects from maintenance fees to Resort fees you will have no hidden surprising costs.  We know the Island and the Properties, we'll tell you the real scoop.

We know the product you are buying!  We offer Two Year On-Island Support for every sale. We help you understand how your new Resort works and how to utilize it to it's fullest potential.  Offering Island Information, best deals on car rentals, how to exchange, how to beat the system, any particular information you will need related to your resort.  Need a certain picture of your resort?  Need up to date information on what is happening at your resort?  We are your answer!

You will receive the support YOU deserve!

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Grand Cayman Timeshare Resales


Grand Cayman Timeshare World is fast becoming a household name within the Cayman Islands Timeshare Industry.  Offering up to date information on all of Grand Cayman's Timeshare Resorts and helping timeshare owners market their Grand Cayman Property, Grand Cayman Timeshare World will ensure your ownership transfer will hold all the benefits presented in Timeshare presentations across the Island!


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